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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registration

  • How do I register?

    Click on Register link on website, Fill required details and send it to e-Procurement Support Team for Profile/User ID Activation.

  • In which browser website will open?

    Website will open in Browsers (Preferable Browser – Internet Explorer 9.0 (32 Bit Browser only) and above, Mozilla Firefox (13.0), Google Chrome (20.0 to 41.0)). Pl refer System Requirement Document for more details which is available on Homepage of website under download section.

  • Can I participate in multiple event at the same time?

    Yes, Bidder can Participate in Multiple Event at same time.

    • Login

    • Can I login with same credentials in multiple system?

      Bidder can Login in Multiple system with same credentials.

    • From where can I get link of login?

      Bidder can find a link of login on the right side top most corner on concerned Website.

    • Login ID is blocked.

      Kindly, note in case you have entered password wrongly for three times, system disables the “Login ID” for security reasons.

    • How shall we reset password

      Bidder can reset password using below Steps: After clicking on Forgot password ->check email id ->Fill Details ->Submit

    • Login id is Un-blocked

      If login id gets blocked then you can unlock password using following steps: 1. Click on Forgot Password. 2. Forgot password -> check email id -> Fill Details ->Submit

    • Procedure to change Password (After login).

      After login, you are registered by the administrator then you will be asked to change the Password on your first login. 1. Enter your valid old password, new password and confirm new password 2. In Hint question you will select any question and provide appropriate Hint answer. 3. Click On submit

    • How shall I edit my profile?

      After login in Portal Click On setting -> Click on edit Profile-> bidder cannot change Email ID And Company name remaining details Bidder can change -> ? Click on Update

      • Auction

      • Procedure to reach to link of Live Auction.

        After Successful Login -> Click on Auction-> Search Auction->bidder get live Auction TAB On main screen

      • Procedure to download document related to event

        Click on Download document of your Respective Auction -> click on download for that document.

      • Procedure to reach to bidding hall.

        Click on “Click here to bid” on your Respective Auction ->click on I agree-> Agree

      • If I am not able to participate during live event, then is there any way to submit my bid?

        In such case, we have a provision of “Auto Bid” (In case of allowed in Auction) where bidders can update their best last price For the concerned auction, and system would be bidding on their behalf until somebody outbid Their last best price. For more details, Kindly contact E-Procurement Team. Following are the steps to go for Auto Bid, 1. This feature could be used only when event is in future or live 2. Below the Auction link Bidder needs to click on “click here to bid” 3. Now Click on Auto Bid Link 4. On clicking on auto bid link, bidder will have to update his lowest price

      • Steps to enter valid bid.

        In auction, you only need to enter the price and click on bid button to submit your bid. Follow Steps to submit a valid bid: 1. Enter your Price in the price bid column 2. Click on Bid button to submit your bid 3. Confirm your bid 4. Re-confirm your bid 5. Your bid is accepted message will be validated it means your bid is valid bid according to decrement Criteria.

      • What is the meaning of Manual Bid?

        Manual Bid Link is appeared when bidder has already accepted / Done "I Agree" step in respective auction.

      • How can I confirm my bid was accepted by system?

        Once bidder put their prices in Unit Rate / Rate In Figure column after that click on bid button bidder will get message from system that Your Bid is Accepted. It means your bid is Accepted.

      • From where can I found Start Price / Decrement / Rank / L1 Bid / Next Possible Bid?

        After agree all the terms and condition you will be automatically in bidding hall in which you can find all this parameter with Item Description.

      • What is the meaning of Start Price / Decrement / Increment / Rank / L1 Bid / H1 Bid /Next Possible Bid/ current Extension?

        Start Price – It is a basic price provided by Department. From this price vendors can Start their Bidding. Otherwise their bid will not accepted. 1. Decrement – In the reverse auction Decrement is the minimum amount which is for vendors have to mandatory decrease after first bid. 2. Increment – In forward auction Increment is the minimum amount which is for vendors have to Mandatory increase after first bid for second time bidding. 3. Rank – In Rank auction it shows your rank in an auction as per your bid submitted after Comparing your bid with other bidders. 4. L1 Bid – In Reverse Auction L1 Bid shows the lowest bid submitted in live auction. 5. H1 Bid – In Forward Auction H1 Bid shows the highest bid submitted in live auction. 6. Next Possible Bid – After submitting bid successfully the Next possible Bid shows the possibility of the amount if which vendors wants to bid again. 7. Current Extension – If auction is on auto extension mode after completing the time of auction it shows the extension number on which auction is working now.

      • Where shall I find my bid history?

        Bid history link will be available on the top most corner of right-hand side in your Respective Auction (Bidding Hall) page.

      • Procedure to Reject My wrong bid?

        After confirmation received from department, Auctioneer (we) can Reject bid.

      • Reason for reject bid through system?

        Reasons Behind reject bid through system during e-bidding. 1. Bid not revised with respect to Increment/Decrement criteria. 2. Bidder is entering same amount multiple time which was already accepted by system 3. In Case of Standard Auction, if bidder is not quoting lower than the L1 Bid Amount.

      • How system will notify that auction is completed?

        It will Show: Bidding Time Over.

      • What is the post auction Procedure?

        1. If Bidder is L1/H1 then they need to confirm their prices, for that bidder has to send Price confirmation form in their letterhead, fill in the necessary details along with the company seal, scan it and it send back to Department or Auctioneer for confirm their prices. 2. Bidder has to submit Final BOQ if it’s required by Department 3. If Bidder wants to get the result of event then they have to contact respective department.

        • Result

        • How Can I get My Past Auction Record’s / Result?

          You can find your Past Auction Record’s / Result in "MY AUCTION" tab / click.

        • How Can I find My Last Accepted bid Once Auction get over / Completed?

          You can find your last accepted bid in MY AUCTION -> VIEW RESULT.

        • How can I view the result of the e-Tender?

          Bidder has to login into website – Click on My RFX/Tender – Click on the Archive – Click on the dashboard of the Event – Click on the Result and Fill your remarks and click on submit. If Department has shared the result of tender than it will be visible to you otherwise “Result not yet shared” message will be displayed. So bidder can ask to department for reviewing the tender result.

          • (RFQ (Sealed Bid), Tender)

          • Procedure to reach to link of RFQ (Sealed Bid)

            Bidder needs to follow following steps to participate in the live event; Open website-> Click on login on top right corner of the system -> Enter login id and password -> Click on RFX -> Select search RFX ->Click on live -> All the live events will be visible in the live section ->Click on the dashboard link of the respective event

          • From where I can download documents

            Click on Download document on respective event -> click on download for that

          • From where I can upload documents.

            After fill Technical / Price Bid -> Click on Map document-> Click on Upload Document -> select the file -> Write Document Name In document Brief -> Select Mandatory Document (If Any) -> click on Upload -> bidder can view Document which is uploaded under Mapped Document.

          • How do I submit my bid (Technical / Commercial?)

            Click on RFX/Tender -> Click on My RFX/Tender -> Click on Dashboard -> I agree -> Click on Fill and enter required details for Available Form-> Upload required document Event dashboard -> Click on final Submission -> Bidder will get confirmation for final Submission is the last step -> Click on Ok -> Bidder will get Message (You have successfully Completed final submission of your bid).

          • How can I download the price bid in excel and upload the same as price bid.

            Bidder can download the Technical Bid/Commercial as an excel format. Fill Required Details and upload the same file from Browse and click on the upload link which is available in form itself.

          • What does “save as draft” mean?

            It Bidder wants to save form after filling Half / some of the details then they can used Save as Draft Link.

          • What should be the file size of upload document?

            Maximum file size should not exceed 10 MB (For single Document). Acceptable file types: (*.txt,*.zip,*.pdf,*.jpeg,*.jpg,*.gif,*.bmp,*.png,*.tif,*.tiff,*.doc,*.xls,*.ppt,*.pps,*.dxf,*.docx,*.xlsx,*.eml,*.rar)

          • What is the procedure vendors have to follow to unmap the document?

            Click On map document -> Select Document which bidder want to Unmap ->? Click on Unmap Button.

          • How can I view and edit my submitted details.

            After Submitting all detail you can find the option of view, edit, and delete link under action tab. You can edit your details from the edit Link.

          • Errors during uploading documents.

            1. File name already exist: This error occurs when someone is uploading the file with same name for second time. 2. File size cannot exceed more than 10 MB: This error occurs when bidder is uploading file having size more than 10 MB (Maximum Supportable file size is 10 MB) 3. Allows max. 1000 characters, numbers, and special characters (/ , - .): This error occurs when someone is inserting special characters (@#*!) in document brief while Uploading the document. 4. File format does not match: This error occurs when someone is uploading the file with format other than as mentioned (*.txt,*.zip,*.pdf,*.jpeg,*.jpg,*.gif,*.bmp,*.png,*.tif,*.tiff,*.doc,*.xls,*.ppt,*.pps,*.dxf,*.docx,*.xlsx,*.eml,*.rar)

          • Where do I find the documents I have uploaded?

            After uploading document successfully click on Map Document, you can see your uploaded document under mapped document.

          • Errors during final submission.

            1. If Bidder has not mapped the Mandatory Document than system will show the error message respectively. 2. If bidder has kept any form as save as Draft Mode so System will show error / alert message respectively.

          • Procedure of bid withdraw.

            If any vendors wants to Bid withdraw (Editing after Final Submission) their bid than they have to follow following steps. Login to website -> Search Tender -> Click on Dashboard -> Click on Final Submission -> Bid Withdraw bid -> Enter Remarks -> click on Withdraw bid. Pl note, this feature can be used in RFX once it is enabled in respective RFX. And, this feature cannot be used after due date of RFx.

          • Process of Negotiation.

            Following steps need to be followed; Login to invited tender website -> Click on RFX Tender -> Click on Search RFX Tender -> Enter Event Id in Search Box -> Click on Dashboard -> Click on Negotiation -> Click On Accept/Reject Negotiation Process -> Select Accept and Click on Submit -> Click on Revise detail -> Fill / Revise the details -> Click On Final submission at Negotiation Page to submit your revised price and complete.